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A Blinding Silence: Bio

Newly re-formed, A Blinding Silence is a band in the midst of finding and creating a foothold for themselves in Portland, OR. They're a family that has a dream, a philosophy, and a goal: love, beauty, music, and hope.

Their influences range from rock, to punk, to indie, to metal, to hardcore.

Because of their wide appeal, A Blinding Silence is gaining fans and
supporters on a worldwide level. They simply write songs that people fall in love
with and lyrics that are inspiring and relevant. They are also in possession of
one of the most energetic live shows around.

Phoenix Echo - Guitar/Vocals

born :
dec 27th in los angeles, california

movies, music, reading, hot women, Acropolis (one of the best strip club in Portland with the best steaks), tv, netflix

hates: day job, spiderman 3 (the worst movie ever)

favorite music: coheed and cambria, the used, jay-z, blink, smashing pumpkins, alice in chains, taking back sunday, finch

not dating strippers, musical success, avoiding all 1408s, getting Valor Entertainment off the ground in a new city, acquiring a golden doodle

favorite food:

favorite drink:
long island

favorite movie:
the matrix, monsters inc, vanilla sky, fight club, memento, snatch, 12 monkeys, die hard, aliens, the ring

Johnny 5 (J-5) - Guitar/Vocals

Status: Single (surprise surprise)

Here for: Dating, Friends

Orientation: Straight (Dont listen to the band they will say other wise)

Hometown: Endor Moon Planet (I miss my ewok hommies) No one can dance and clap like them. Strait up.

Body type: 5' 11" / Average

Ethnicity: Italian/German

Religion: All hail the Emporer

Birthdaty: 03-14

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes

For those who dont know, I am...... Johnny E., J-5, J Crew, Jihad Johnny, Juan Cinco, Lor-Hill, B., L-hill,

(You too kids could be the next name giver on "Surviving Emo" up next!!!!! Right after the Ten O' Clock. Here on Free Douch Radio..... Oh' Lay)

My origins start out like any other. i was spawned out of a rock. much like a wookie... in my next several yaers I spent my time teaching the ways of the 182's. then the men in white came and took me to happy fun time island..........

Six years later... Once I was returned to the wild I got a job as a door to door car sales man. that really didnt work to well since i just had a used 91 ford tempo with a red bummper. When a home owner hit me in the face with his beloved cat I realized that this was not a safe occupation. So I went in search of food, work, and water. Question waters in boose right?

Where was I oh yes looking for boose boobs and lube. I found a job in sunny east Europe. (Everyone had such a great out look on life.) One day while I was traveling in the enchanted forest, I came upon a dragon. With its glazing eyes and its flamming breath, it called out to me...

"Mortal how dare you enter the magical forest of uqeidfuhefb" :i think thats how they spell it. I stared up at the dragon with inpending doom on my brow. I cryed out for some powerful knight to save me, but there was no one to be found. Because this was an enchanted land where humans were not allowed. "too bad i cant read":) Right as the dragon leaned in to swallow me whole, I heard a tunderous war shout. "This is Sparta..." as I looked to my side I saw three warriors charging the dragon on enchanted unicorns.

As they drew closer, the dragon lunged at the three heros. Spiting its firey acid which instantly layed waste to all surrounding trees. My three heros shruged off the acid as if it were bubble bath, then took there open killing blow at the dragon, and the only place that a dragon is weak is the heart because they have no harts, my friends.

If your still reading this call me and ill give you a dollar." The dragon roared with pain as it fell, like a sack of kittens. The three heros jumped of their steeds and asked if I was alright. I replied yes and thanked them for saving my life. I asked them what they were doing in the enchanted forst. They replied that they were looking for a guitarest since there last three exploded due to freeky pyro tecnics. I told them of my travels and said that I once was a guitarest for a britney spears (pre white trash days) cover band. After they talked amongst each other in tounges for a while they asked if i would like to play with them. I said yes and the rest is history... for the moment.........? or is it

want to
Come on, click it you know you want to.

Is anyone still reading this??????????

hahahah suckers. I rule you

Bryn Shoop - Bass/Vocals

August 16th-Astoria, OR

The beach, drinking, dancing

Less Favorable:
Sunburns, hang overs, running out of.........

Favorite Food:
The kind I didn't have to make myself.

Favorite Drink:
The one with alcohol in it.

Hamilton - Drums

born :
January 30th, 1987

loves: Batman, movies, music, comic books, drumming, acting, filmmaking, gaming, drinking, chilling, women,

hates: Way more things than fit in a small paragraph. X-Men 3 (which I'm going to go out on a limb and say is worse than Spider-Man 3, call me crazy) the Transformers film franchise (and Michael Bay right along with it)

favorite music: The White Stripes


favorite food: I dont know.

favorite drink:
Coke. PBR. Stella. Carbonated Water. anything with bubbles

favorite movie(s):
The Dark Knight, The Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins,V for Vendetta, Superbad. Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Inception.
X-Men, X2,

Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman: Under the Red Hood...